Kick Off

I saw a Facebook post with a simple statement

“Instead of attacking what you hate, promote what you love”

So here it is, my promotion of what I love. I love good people, great food, gardening, art, music and tasty cocktails. I love my kids, my dog (sometimes) and my man. And I’ve recently found a new love, Olympia Washington and everything around it. There’s great food, chilled cocktails, fun festivals and heart-movingĀ art. I’ve seen world-class entertainment, eaten top-notch seafood and drank some of the best hand crafted cocktails I’ve ever had. Tucked between Portland and Seattle, the 360 area code offers beautiful landscape full of new discoveries and amazing adventures. This is my attempt to share this with you and help you explore and find new discoveries all on your own.

As I explore and discover the 360 area code, I will share them with you. i hope you enjoy the trip!



Olympia 1

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