Slurp 2016

Oly360 Taylor Shellfish

Sunday Fun Day! Oysters Galore!!!  As far as the eye can see raw, cooked, baked, marinated and smoked. Tasty treats in a little half shell ready to be slurped and gulped. Oh did I mention the tastings? Beer or wine or both. All was included in the $60 cover.  Wasted the afternoon away, enjoying great wine and some of the best shellfish on EARTH!!  My personal favorite and winner of the Best Shell Fish Dish was Beau Legs in Olympia. Those folks really know what to do with a shucked oyster!

All of the proceeds from this fabulous event went to help the Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA). Founded in 1930, the PCSGA represents growers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. Their members grow a wide variety of healthy, sustainable shellfish including oysters, clams, mussels and geoduck.

PCSGA works on behalf of its members on a broad spectrum of issues, including environmental protection, shellfish safety, regulations, technology, and marketing.

The standards for farming practices are founded on PCSGA’s Environmental Codes of Practice, which are based on all the relevant science available on the benefits and effects of shellfish farming. You should check them out and if you’re up to it, lend them a hand on one of their upcoming Beach Clean-up events or take a road trip up to Brinnon and enjoy their Hood Canel Shrimp Fest over Memorial Day weekend!

Slurp 2016

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