Big Cajones = Great Steaks

The Yelp review drew me in. Kristyne M. had good things to say about the food at Ricardo’s in Lacey but a lot more to say about the fashion sense of the patrons and the host.

“Speaking of…what in the name of all things holy is the host doing wearing the chunky fake gold chain bling with Rolls Royce logo?  Jesus Vanilla Ice Christ, really? (Of curious note…no Rolls in the parking lot.  But a few lowered older model  Hondas with extra loud mufflers near the back)”

Normally I don’t see responses to statements like Kristyne’s in Yelp but in this case, there was a wonderful doozy.

#Oly360 #Ricardos #OlyWA #OlympiaWA #GreatSteak

“Here’s a little side note…the host was the owner, the chain is real and the Rolls is in the garage… I’d know, I’m his wife.  Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.  His Grandfather had a matching chain and our son has one too.”

Signed;  Vanilla Ice’s Wife, Marie.

Here’s a link to Yelp. It’s funny.

Now, neither here nor there on the fashion side of things, because I agree with Kristyne M. on some points, maybe folks around town could dress-up once in a while… but Boy OH Boy! Marie has some cajones! I’d have to say Marie’s cojones are so big I would bet money her place makes awesome steaks.

Oly360 Ricardos 1

I was sold, two hours later, my man and I were diving into the mesquite grill, dry-aged, beyond Prime American Kobe long bone rib-eye. I cut it with my butter knife just to see if I could (yes, of course I could!) The marbling, the crunchy, salty, grilled bits, the melt-in-my-mouth tender beef worked beautifully with my full body, earthy, Cabernet. Marie has the cojones and the steaks to back them up.

Oly360 ricardos 2

I could go on to tell how fantastic our steak was and that my man liked the bread dipping sauce so much he drank it straight from the ramekin. I can tell you how creamy, yummy and delicious the prawn and crab bisque was and how the Cesar was the perfect little Cesar with just the right amount and tang + garlic but I don’t want to waste your time. Go down and try it yourself. Life is too short to have bad steaks!



5211 Lacey Blvd.

Lacey, WA 98503


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