Gritty, Downtown, Fun, Dive Diner

When you come to #KingSolomonsOly, make sure to sit facing the window. Looking out onto 4th street I got the chance to see the edgy, gritty, downtown parade of local color and characters. It’s great viewing and fun to be safely on the inside looking out. Inside is still edgy but edgy in a young, beautiful, hipster kind of way; eyeliner, tattoos and piercings, vibrant, excited and ready to take on the world. #Oly360 #OlympiaWA #Divediner

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This little dive of a diner, has a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Adviser and touts itself as the “Best Diner in the Galaxy.” It shows its humor on its kiosk “Make America Gravy Again” “Home is where the Fries Are” and “Revenge of the Beef”. It’s burned down twice and has come back to life like a Phoenix slinging chicken and waffles.

To me, it under promises and over delivers. Stepping inside, I was a bit hesitant expecting poor attitudes from the staff and even worse attitudes from my food. I was delightfully surprised! The hipster staff was happy I was there, caring and fun. They brought great dive-diner food and fall-off-the-bone tender Buffalo Chicken wings. The Root-beer float was true frosty goodness and the Cabernet came in a tumbler glass, just like I drink it at home.

Oly360 King Solomon 4

The menu is filled with classic comfort food and Americana favorites; Mac ‘n Cheese, burgers and all day breakfast. A Yelp review boasts “The Best Ruben I’ve ever eaten!”

Oly360 King Solomon 5


King Solomon’s Reef is downtown and backs up to the bus terminal. It’s rough outside, panhandlers, homeless and unsavory characters. The internet is loaded with comments about the location and what goes on there and as far as I’ve seen, it’s true.

However, I’m not certain King Solomon’s would be as good if it was somewhere else. The grit, the edginess, the local vibe gives the food a distinctive flavor of adventure. King Solomon’s Reef gives you a taste of the wild side; tender, deep fried, lightly breaded with spices and very well prepared.

King Solomon’s Reef

212 4th Avenue E.

Olympia, WA 98506



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