Big Daddy Lobster for Big Daddy!

Special Dads deserve Special Celebrations! With Olympia Seafood’s help, our celebration was drenched in garlic butter and cream sauce. Our weapon of choice was their featured Big Daddy Maine Lobster along with some fresh prawns. The results were stupendous! Fathers Day for Oly360 was spent in the backyard, eating beautiful seafood and drinking great wine with some pretty awesome folks! Thanks Olympia Seafood for making me lick my fingers!  #OlympiaWA #Oly360 #Lobster

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Gardner’s, a Local Gem

I love discovering secret gems. Little spaces tucked away in plain sight able to surprise and delight. Last night we stumbled across Gardner’s, a delightful restaurant in the middle of everything and hard to find.

#Oly360 #Gardner’s #OlympiaWA #SpoonerFarms

Oly360 Gardener's 1
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