Gardner’s, a Local Gem

I love discovering secret gems. Little spaces tucked away in plain sight able to surprise and delight. Last night we stumbled across Gardner’s, a delightful restaurant in the middle of everything and hard to find.

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Oly360 Gardener's 1
Executive Chef Dan Keith finds the freshest local and seasonal ingredients and everything is created from scratch, including soups and sauces. Chef Keith’s attention to detail and local produce is evident in the fresh, clean, taste of his creations. The chicken piccata resonated with fresh lemon, capers with a splash of white wine. My man’s grilled salmon served with a fresh Spooner Berry Farms Strawberry compote was perfectly prepared, light and flavorful.

Oly360 Gardener's 4

TripAdvisor Ranks Gardner’s #2 of 260 restaurants in Olympia and Gardner’s has been awarded TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence because they consistently earn great reviews from travelers.

Oly360 Gardener's 2



Oly360 Gardener's 5

If you haven’t found the time to stop by for dinner, you should really rearrange your schedule. It was established in 1983 so there’s really no excuses.


111 Thurston Avenue NW

Olympia, WA 98501

(360) 786-8466





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