Summer’s Promise

SwingTuesday was a taste of summer;  sunny, 70 degrees, a few white  puffy clouds meandering through the sky.  It was a sweet delicate tease of a season full promises; Promises of floating the Satsop, block parties with the neighbors and sipping hand crafted cocktails a local happy hours.  Warm evenings that last well past bedtime and early morning spent working in the garden.

I found myself on the back patio of Swing Wine Bar sipping a rich earthy Bordeaux recommended by the staff.  The night was cool and it was wonderful to be outside watching the city lights twinkle on as twilight came. The promise of summer was in the air. If you haven’t found it yet, try stopping by Swing on a Tuesday and take advantage of their 1/2 priced wine night. It might just might help you find summer a little earlier then expected.


Swing Wine Bar

825 Columbia Street SW

Olympia, WA 98501

2017 Here We Come!

Oh, now is the time for the dreaded resolution, the quit doing this or quit doing that kind of resolution that seem to fade away mid month. This year, we at Oly360 are making a different kind of promise; a more kind of promise. We want more! We want to meet more people, go more places and do more things. The 360 is teaming with new places to discover, old places to rediscover and fantastic adventures to be had! We hope you’ll join us on our journey around this fantastic little corner of the world.


As we will continue our ongoing quest supporting vitality, commerce & art in Olympia & 360 area code, we hope you’ll join us!


Big Daddy Lobster for Big Daddy!

Special Dads deserve Special Celebrations! With Olympia Seafood’s help, our celebration was drenched in garlic butter and cream sauce. Our weapon of choice was their featured Big Daddy Maine Lobster along with some fresh prawns. The results were stupendous! Fathers Day for Oly360 was spent in the backyard, eating beautiful seafood and drinking great wine with some pretty awesome folks! Thanks Olympia Seafood for making me lick my fingers!  #OlympiaWA #Oly360 #Lobster

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Gardner’s, a Local Gem

I love discovering secret gems. Little spaces tucked away in plain sight able to surprise and delight. Last night we stumbled across Gardner’s, a delightful restaurant in the middle of everything and hard to find.

#Oly360 #Gardner’s #OlympiaWA #SpoonerFarms

Oly360 Gardener's 1
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Destination Boston Harbor ♥ BeerBQ

hmmmm Beer…. hmmmm BBQ…. hmmmmm Boats! Sounds like a little taste of heaven at Boston Harbor Maria Friday night. This quaint little maria hasn’t changed much since it was built in the 1920s. #Oly360 #threemagnets #OlympiaWA #Beer

Oly360 Boston Harbor 4

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Gritty, Downtown, Fun, Dive Diner

When you come to #KingSolomonsOly, make sure to sit facing the window. Looking out onto 4th street I got the chance to see the edgy, gritty, downtown parade of local color and characters. It’s great viewing and fun to be safely on the inside looking out. Inside is still edgy but edgy in a young, beautiful, hipster kind of way; eyeliner, tattoos and piercings, vibrant, excited and ready to take on the world. #Oly360 #OlympiaWA #Divediner

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Big Cajones = Great Steaks

The Yelp review drew me in. Kristyne M. had good things to say about the food at Ricardo’s in Lacey but a lot more to say about the fashion sense of the patrons and the host.

“Speaking of…what in the name of all things holy is the host doing wearing the chunky fake gold chain bling with Rolls Royce logo?  Jesus Vanilla Ice Christ, really? (Of curious note…no Rolls in the parking lot.  But a few lowered older model  Hondas with extra loud mufflers near the back)”

Normally I don’t see responses to statements like Kristyne’s in Yelp but in this case, there was a wonderful doozy.

#Oly360 #Ricardos #OlyWA #OlympiaWA #GreatSteak

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Creamy French Fry Goodness

Ooey Gooey Cordon Who sauce dripping from my fingers. Clumps of Gorgonzola and prosciutto layered with stone-ground mustard, delicately balanced on two-wedge cut french fries. This is the perfect bite, truly a creamy delight. Is it rude to lick the plate? The Iron Rabbit’s Poutine Who is awesome!

Yes, we had dinner, yes it was great but NO I couldn’t get my mind off their Poutine! I really wanted to order a second helping and skip dinner altogether, but didn’t since after all I’m a lady. #Oly360 #IronRabbit #Poutine #OlympiaWA

The Iron Rabbit

2103 Harrison Avenue N.W.

Olympia, WA 98502



Oly360 Iron Rabbit 1